Words are powerless

–if they’re full of errors. Let me help make your writing clear, captivating, and beautiful.


Pesky commas, puzzling citations, or persistent misspellings? My attention to detail will do the hard work for you! Let my years of experience catch all those typos so that you can focus on what you love: writing.

Developmental Editing

Lost in your essay’s argument? Not sure how to get your hero out of this mess? I will make your writing logical and orderly, and your story exciting–while not confusing your readers.

Content Writing

You’re busy running your business, but in our modern world, you need to offer online content. Let me create articles that bring in more readers and customers, cementing your business as a reputable and active brand.

Isabelle Ingalls’ talent for editing is born out of her own love for the craft of writing. We asked her to come on as an editor for The Rebelution after we had noticed her careful and articulate voice as an author for The Rebelution. And she’s lived up to every expectation!

Christopher Witmer, Editor-in-Chief, TheReb

She is just great in so many ways! Super fast, super professional.

Zsolt Tasnadi, Upwork

Not only did Isabelle fix mistakes in my papers, but she made them sparkle with her suggestions on different style issues. Her keen eye and creativity not only saved, but elevated my papers! I’ve gotten some very good feedback from my professors, and Isabelle was instrumental in that.”

Nathaniel Schweitzer, School of Ministry Student President

We’re living in a world of words, where the simplest misspelling or sloppy paragraph can send us hurtling into the depths. Whether you’re a student, a writer, an entrepreneur, or just and everyday citizen of this modern world, you have a message you want to share with the world–but words are powerless if they aren’t understood.

That’s where I come in.

I’ve been an editor for five years, proof-reading and perfecting full-length novels, devotionals, web articles, scholarship, essays, and research papers. And now I’d like to share that expertise with you. We’ll work together to grow, improve, and better your writing so that it can be heard in this noisy world.

Do you have a message or story you want to be perfect, precise, and powerful? Then contact me, and let’s start creating something beautiful together