Developmental Editing

You have the best idea ever–but you’re not sure how to flesh it out. Whether you have a weak argument or a section of your story where you’re not quite sure what happens next, you need more than simply a spell-checker, you need a developmental editor.

Let’s work together to shape your writing to the sharpest it could be. I’ve spent the last four years working alongside authors young and old as they’ve shaped their articles or books into completed works. I take pride in my ability to transform what you write into what you mean, so that your message is clear and clean.

Whether it’s strengthening the logic of your argument, providing the perfect examples to illustrate your point, or helping brainstorm how your hero escapes this predicament, I can take your writing from ordinary to extraordinary.

Let’s work together to make your writing the very best it can be.

Published by Belle

I'm a reader of all good books (especially Lewis and Tolkien), lover of all good discussions (theology, life, philosophy), hater of all good coffee (sorry, more of a tea/hot chocolate person), citizen of the best of all good states (Texas), writer of (hopefully) all good things at SeeingEverythingElse.Wordpress.Com, and the user of too-many-to-be-good parentheses, who strives to run harder and harder after Jesus every day, bringing glory to His name in all that I do.

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